This Canadian Company Will Pay You To Smoke Pot!

This Canadian Company Will Pay You To Smoke Pot!


With cannabis having been recently made legal in Canada, job opportunities within this newly legalized industry are growing at a very fast rate. Now that cannabis has now become legal, everyone has turned to the experts. They are doing this in an effort to get help for help from the expert stoners. There one who understands the pot industry more than the customers who have been using it when it was being operated on the illegal black market.


Upon legalization of cannabis in Canada, it seems the weed industry is increasingly drawing more and more attention from business people. if you have been smoking a lot of weed, it then turns out that you posses a skill set that is very marketable.


There is a company in Toronto known as AHLOT. It is hiring “Expert-level Connoisseurs” to be part of the Cannabis Curation Committee (CCC). The CCC is a group of individuals with a duty of sampling weed from several licensed producers from all over the country. The findings from these Connoisseurs will be utilized by AHLOT to make a sample pack of pot as part of Collections series of Cannabis. You will be required to smoke more than an ounce of cannabis over the period.


The Qualification and Application Process of the Job


To qualify for the Connoisseurs job, AHLOT indicates that one needs to have a great interest in cannabis and in addition have the ability to distinguish the nuanced different characteristics of various strains of cannabis. You will be responsible for reporting on the detailed visual, tactile factory examination of several samples. These enthusiasts of marijuana will also be asked to write posts on social media, and also appear in some video segments. Although participation is optional, one will be required to show up at all company events.


The application process consists of a simple questionnaire that needs you to indicate previous smoking habits and also tests your knowledge. Any one above age 19 is eligible to apply, assuming that the company would want a committee that is well-rounded. The pay is 50 Canadian dollars (equivalent to $38 USD) for one hour, to be done for up to 12 hours per month, and you will also get all your expenses covered.


The huge change in this industry is definitely changing the Canadian economy for the better. Based on a forecast analysis conducted by Deloitte, the weed sector may provide additional 340,000 jobs or more within a few years. The shares of cannabis in Canada have skyrocketed to a large extent, as the weed industry is booming big.


A statement on the website of AHLOT says “If You’re A Hidden Talent With Some Spare Time To Document What You Already Love To Do, We’re Excited To Hear From You”. There are so many other companies that are coming up to offer you the “Weed Smoking Job!” You don’t have to wait, Apply instantly to become a Cannabis Connoisseur. You will enjoy being paid for something you have always been doing on your spare time. At 50 Canadian dollars per hour (plus free pot), this job is actually not an average gig to look down upon.


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